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Re: How mainstream is cloth in your area?

I don't know any moms here who use CDs. I'm in a VERY not-green city though (we don't even have recycling readily available). I have a cousin who lives in a hipper city nearby, and I think there are a decent number of CDers there including herself. Since making my switch to cloth menstrual pads, though, I have learned that there are some local moms making their own (moms who didn't CD). So a bit of one but not the other.

I have a sister who lives in another country who CDs for financial reasons. Considering that I live in a lower income city, I'm surprised that there aren't more women around me doing it for financial reasons. But I guess it is the sort of thing that only pays off in the long run, so one has to plan and budget ahead which doesn't seem to be the trend around here.
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