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Re: Indoor Gross Motor Activities

We've got a 20m here, and manage to get outside fairly often. The grass is usually pretty wet but I don't worry about it. For my sanity we make a lot of trips to the library for story time, OMSI, childrens museum, and the new aquarium that just opened up, the zoo too. World Forestry Center has a baby day. And Sky High & Pump It Up have their own toddler times. We're also on a local FB group that does gatherings fairly often for playdates. Most of those activities have free/cheap days, so PM me if you want more info on those. Oh and there's some local blogs that tell about all the neat local indoor places you can go to like Safari Sams and Out of This World.

For in the house, you can't go wrong with pulling a mattress onto the floor. We also like to drape up sheets to make a fort. I've been inspired by the Play At Home moms blog, and we got a small pool that we fill with different things like balls. If you have space for it, they also had a neat post about attaching hooks to the ceiling. Then they hang different things from it for the gross-motor stuff - like rings or a "swing". The Rody horse is a huge hit here too.
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