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I love Elementals! They are the main part of my stash. I probably have about 20. I have purchased only a couple of them new, and the rest have been used. Some do have holes, but not to be unusable.
I love the fit on my 17mo DS who has always been thin. The Elementals aren't as big and bulky as other types of diapers.
The BGEs are absorbant, but not enough for night or long naps. For naps I often tuck a Flip Trainer insert under the flaps of the BGE. At night, we do use Simplex OS (also stuffed with a Flip trainer insert). The microfleece of the Simplex smells a bit stinky in the morning, but I suppose most overnight diapers do. I prefer the natural cotton of the BGEs.
I was a pocket girl before I tried BGEs, and wondered what all the fuss was about these expensive diapers. So, eventually I tried one and fell in love. (No more pockets to stuff - yeah!!) As for dry time, I either dry them overnight on a rack and fluff in dryer in the morning or I run them through the dryer twice on low heat.
Oh, I also tried Grovia AIOs, and although the fit was good on my skinny guy, they often leaked by the side snaps. They didn't seem as absorbant as BGEs.
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