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Re: When do you go to the hospital?

Originally Posted by boyfarm3 View Post
...I used to interpret those instructions every. day. about coming in when contractions were 5 min apart. Forgot all about that. I'll confirm with my ob since we are 30 min or so from hospital. Thanks, mamas! Yeah I am super familiar with what contractions feel like but no experience with deciding when they are strong enough to go to hospital. I typically manage (the induced contractions) until about 4 cm and then I am asking for epidural, but I am expecting a natural labor to be slower and less intense, so ???
From experience (contraction wise) natural labor (non-pitocin induced) are much easier to manage... it's not like WHAM a contraction like pit, it's more of you feel it coming, then it's there and then it goes away. But for the slower and less intense of a labor, my last one (all natural) went much quicker (but I wouldn't say more intense) than my 1st induced one.

As for the GBS I didn't have it either time (and I won't be tested until Tues this time) but for me, even if I had it last time there wouldn't have been enough time from the first contraction to midwives leaving their place to get to mine for them to have it been administered long enough.

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