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Smile Trying to get started


I have been dragging my feet, I admit. I wanted to give EC a try, but have had so many other things going on (afterpains, then sleep deprivation). Then they baby got sick. :-( Poor little thing. He is feeling so much better now and laughing and giggling.

I ordered a little potty bowl from the EC store and I just cannot figure out how that is supposed to work. It seems like his butt is too big. If he was pooping I could see it work, but if he pees it would go everywhere. Where do you EC? Over the sink or the toilet? That seem to me like it would have better success at aiming... But what if he poops during nursing or right after? Don't know if I can run that fast...

I really want to try it. Wouldn't it be great if we could all have someone demonstrate for us?

Anyway, just random thoughts. At the very latest I will sit him on a potty when he can sit up, but that will still be a little while.

Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions.

Anita Evensen
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