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Re: Anyone work out?

Working out is so hard to fit in even if you are a stay-at-home Mom. I recently read an article about this. Instead of calling it exercise or working out we should call it movement. And then try to do something that's fun, like running in the park, flying a kite or dancing with the kids. This way it's not a big get up - get into exercise clothes - work-out - and shower kind of thing, but just part of life. For busy Moms that's probably the best way to move and the movement is what our bodies need every day.

Your schedule sounds pretty crazy busy. Maybe in the evening you can have some time with the kids and wrestle or dance or whatever and when it gets nicer outside you can play ball or something. Use the weekend to do something fun, too. And don't call it exercise. No one ever has time for that. ;-)
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