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Newborn stash so far :)

This is what I've got so far for the twins we're expecting in March.

Because we'll have some help with changes, etc., in the newborn stage, we have ALL pockets and AIOs. It was too hard letting other people change dd when we did prefolds and covers in her newborn stage, because they'd put a cover I intended to reuse in the wet bag before I could explain, so I decided that the extra expense to have all one-step diapers was worth it.

Many of these have been gifts, and my shower is in a week, so I'm anticipating a few more. When all is said and done, I'm planning on 50 newborn-sized diapers, and then I have 9 FBOS/ FB Elites cinched all the way down and ready to go as back-up. They'd be bulky under going-out clothes, but they'll be fine under gowns at home.

I love to just lay them out and sort them, hahaha.

It's 6 new-style stay-dry GroVia AIOs
3 old-style GroVia AIOs
2 Tots Bots Tini Fits (swoooooooon--I need another white one: those are for under the baptism gowns)
5 Thirsties Duo AIOs Size One
8 bumGenius XS

Ahhh I'm just so happy with all the colors! My last newborn stash was kind of hodge-podge, whatever I could pick up at a CD garage sale I went to. I didn't get to be choosy with the colors like this time!

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