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Parents of early reader, a ?

Hi there,

My DS is obsessed with the alphabet. He has know all the upper case letters (recognize and say all their names) since 18 months. Has known all their sounds since 20 months, and has known most of the lower case since his 2nd birthday. He can also read about 6 words. He has done all of this on his own (like bringing me blocks or fridge letters and saying "this?", to which I would say the letter, and learned the sounds from a leap frog video) But now I would like to know if there is anything special I should be doing to help him learn to read? We read books all.the.time b/c he LOVES them. He often goes and sits in his play tent and looks at his books.

When reading, should I just read as normal, or should I be pointing to the words as I read?

My other kids were late readers, and I like having a little reader and would like to encourage it

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