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Originally Posted by tentrevival View Post
What, if anything, would you do differently if you needed to build a stash that would last through several kids?

My husband and I are very fertile, we get pregnant very quickly, and I am only 26, so we have years to go. We also would like to adopt from Ghana and Haiti. So I am looking at at least 4 more kids.

I know that sized is worth it for us, because they will last longer and fit better, but is there a system you think will be more durable? Certain fabrics you would avoid?

I will probably sew most of any stash we have because I like my pattern best. I hate being too picky, because I hate wasting useful things, but I do want colors to stay bright etc. I hate using frayed faded diapers on our cute little babies.
I've been cding for 11 years and 7 kids... I think prefolds and covers Nd bumgenius or fuzzibunz for nights and outings will last the longest. Snaps over velcro.

But. In my experience, it works better to buy a stash of what you like and plan to repurchase to the sum of $200 for each kid or every 2 years. Then you can try new things, sell and buy and enjoy your diapering years as long as your not over budget. We stopped counting a long time ago and now just try not to spend out of pocket more than $100 a year on diapers.

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