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It seems that elastics wear out first, then PUL, which is why an AIO, cover, or fitted is less likely to last. Just plain old time hurts elastic, not just use.

Polyester fleece lasts really well.

If I were sewing diapers to last, I'd use Mobilon brand clear elastic (from Wazoodle), or I'd sew pockets with elastic loose in a channel so it's easy to access and replace. Both also allow for babies of different sizes.

I think I'd get fabric from the mama at Green Acre Designs, she sells fleece in small quantities and uses Malden Mills types that are the best quality. I'd use Windpro for the outer, and ask her suggestion for inners (babies sometimes have reactions to all cloth). Or I'd get a stretchy Windpro for outers and a non recycled thin wicking fleece for inners from Mill Direct Textiles.

The Darling Diapers pattern is worth buying, just for its directions, which would help you modify your pattern to avoid most common issues.

For stuffers I'd pad fold flats or sew soakers with lots of layers (petal style?). Cotton and hemp might last longest, since hemp is the only one that gets stronger when wet.

Wazoodle's info pages are worth a read, on getting things to last.

Very critical will be washing diapers under the 48 hour mark. Also under the Wazoodle info is how fabric-eating bacteria aren't really present the first 48 hours, but then grow exponentially.

You need stuff that washes very very easily, for your pocket inserts. Flats can last longest because they don't necessarily need a rinse, wash, extra rinse. You can spray then just wash once. Agitation, bleach, borax, oxi clean, sun, and heat help get diapers clean but also damage them.

I'd avoid bamboo, it's a rayon and most delicate. Microfiber also because it loses absorbency over time.

Good luck! Let us know what you decide!
No 2x4 Butt! A non-pad "Pad" fold to put flats in covers and pockets:

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