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Re: I'm almost 24 weeks. This is insane, and ridiculous.

Originally Posted by tinytushi View Post
Are you using lots of pillows for added support at night? I know money is tight for you right now (me as well, DH went from full time job, to no job, to 20 hours week) but maybe one of those belly support bands? I saw on Cottonbabies they have some on clearance for $8.99 and $13.99. One is listed under the pregnancy section and the other is listed under breastfeeding. The one under the breastfeeding section looks like it might be more supportive. I believe that site also has free shipping. I have not got a support belt yet this go around, but my last pg I had one and it was amazing! If I can swing it I am getting one this time as well.

The only other thing I can think of is maybe seeing a chiropractor. I know they helped me alot my last pg as well. I believe I saw where you live in Round Rock. I live over near Marble Falls. Not sure if you know where that is? I think it is about an hour West of you. Anyway there is a fairly cheap Chiro in Liberty Hill named Dr. Popham and one in Marble Falls named Dr. Lambert. If you would like contact info. for either one you can pm me. Hope something will help you. I am only 18 weeks and already miserable so I imagine I will be right with you when I reach as far along as you are.
i have a chiropractor, but i have yet to see him. he's a family friend. i guess i am just nervous because i am almost afraid about it making the problems worse. i've been back and forth about seeing him. i guess at this point, it's worth a shot.

i sleep with several pillows. i have a body pillow that i keep in between my legs, and wrap my arm around. then i have two pillows under my head. i try to make sure i change positions a couple of times a night (like when i get up to pee) so that i am not in the same position for too long.

today i am sitting at the desk working, instead of on the couch. it seems to be helping a bit, and my back is not AS sore, but it still REALLY hurts, especially when i put pressure on my feet (walking).
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