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Re: Educational toys for a 4 yo?

Great ideas!

FindingMercy Im looking for a YoNaNas, that sounds awesome. The haba rainbows a great idea too I think she's love that

Thanks danner for the ideas, love the websites, esp the first one! Added a game from there. Trouble is my kids have sooooo much, and they haven't learned to take the best care of their things, unfortunately. So a lot of those thing they've already had and I packed it up or got rid of it cause they just weren't taking very good care of them, and in a lot of cases even playing with them.

escape the village, LOVE the pop beads, those are cool I'd love a light table for them too... maybe I should put that on the list.... hmmm....

melfinn Ill look into those games, I love learning resources
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