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Re: Those that use Charlies Soap

Originally Posted by dagmomma View Post
I do cold wash, hot wash with detergent and rinse. I also have hard water so I now use the Charlies booster.

Occasionally I use biokleen oxygen bleach in the cold wash. I use to use vinegar and occasionally I do bleach (never at the same time and usually never in the same month--I do one or the other for a long pd of time. I have been cding for over 5 yrs and only used Charlies)--but that was before I got the booster for hard water

I never used bleach before I moved to an area with hard water and I never had any smell issues or any type of other issues with my diapers.

If I feel I need a to disinfect I will use vinegar
Does the booster work well? Do you still need to use bleach often with the booster?

I use Charlies for our clothing and was using for our diapers but it was ust not getting them clean with our hard water. I started using All F&C because I didn't want to have to bleach my diapers frequently.
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