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Only one beautiful woolie left!

All items come from a smoke-free, pet-free home. All knitted wool items are freshly washed in unscented wool wash and lanolized. All have been freshly shaved of their fuzzies, too.

9. $35 PPD
12-24 bubble top
Daffodil colorway on organic wool by Lorna's Lace, matching custom buttons from Tessa Ann

length: 11.5" shoulder to waist
chest: 18"

Action shot, because this was absolutely one of my favorite knits for DD2! This picture is a better representation of the color since the other pictures were taken with a flash.


small/medium cabled longies
Snow Princess colorway by Mosaic Moon
waist: 15-22"
rise: 16"
inseam: 7.5" not including gusset

small/medium shorties
waist: 16-22"
rise: 17"
inseam: 3" not including gusset

NB/small braided cabled longies
waist: 13-18"
rise: 15"
inseam: 7" not including gusset

12-18 months Molly Bubble Romper
Confetti colorway by Family Pendragon with matching embossed buttons from Tessa Ann
length: 18" shoulder to crotch
chest: 18-24"

SOLD 2. $45 PPD
medium/large dress and bloomers set (the top of the dress is extra stretchy so it can be worn as a tunic or shirt for a larger child, too)
Cat in the Hat colorway by Southern Belle Dyeworks
waist: 15-22"
rise: 20"
inseam: 2.5" not including gusset
length: 14" not including adjustable shoulder ties
chest 20-28"

SOLD 4. $15 PPD
child's cabled a-line skirt (no soaker)
Symphony colorway on organic wool by Lorna's Laces
center front length: 13"
waist: 18-26"

SOLD 5. $35 PPD
24 month Belle Romper
Danika colorway by Family Pendragon
torso length: 21" shoulder to crotch
inseam: 11" not including gusset
chest: 18-23"

SOLD 6. $15 PPD
pleated skirt (no soaker - this is sized for a baby/toddler; I used it to show off cute diapers)
custom colorway by Southern Belle Dyeworks
center front length: 9.5"
waist: 16-22"
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