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Dark brown spotting and tinged discharge *update in post 33

So it's progressed to dark red blood enough to wear a pad. Not really any clots. I feel sore but not crampy. It's like I am having a period. I spent 5 hours in emerg yesterday and they told me basically nothing except my levels are a bit low for my weeks.

LMP Nov 14, most likely conception date is Nov 26th levels are at 7000.

I go back in for my blood work Tuesday the 22nd, Dr appointment that afternoon and ultrasound on the 23rd.

I am about 8.5 weeks with baby #3. So far it's been an awesome pregnancy, my best so far, no MS and no dip in my energy except for the first 3 weeks.

Yesterday I noticed a tiny bit of discharge that is dark brown, like the spotting you would get before your period starts.

Just now I wiped and I had a bit of eggy discharge that has brown streaks in it. Is this normal? Just leftover menstrual blood?
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