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When are we done with boosters?

New car, doing the carseat shuffle. Ya know ...
DS1 is 8y4m, he's 4'8"+ tall and 65#. He happily rides in a Parkway in the Odyssey. Daddy cannot get all 3 in his car for the odd trip without the van if G is in a booster. And, he carpools 2x/week and lugging a LBB is a PITA.
So, here's the question...
1. Can 8y4m, 4'8", 64# ride in the center backseat of a Ford CMAX without a booster?
2. Can the same child ride in an Explorer without a LBB 2x/week?
3. Can someone link me to guidelines/videos/pics showing how a seatbelt needs to fit a child to be safe? I have no clue on big kids' carseat guidelines.
4. What do you think about putting the newly 5yo, 42" tall, 40# in a Parkway in the secondary car? It fits him well and the strap sits flat on the shoulder, not against the neck.

My hope is to keep him in the Parkway in our primary car (he loves it) but massively simplify life by going au natural in our secondary/carpooling vehicles. I don't want that badly enough to put my child in danger, however.

Appreciate the help and expertise!
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