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Re: When do you go to the hospital?

Originally Posted by boyfarm3 View Post
I feel a little silly asking this, but I have never gone into labor on my own. My first 3 were inductions, but this time I am hoping to go into labor. My question is, if you were gbs+, how did you time it so that you could get the antibiotics, ideally 4 hour's worth, and not a minute more. I don't want to go too early and stall, or too late and end up with baby having to stay. Anyone have experience with this?
This is me exactly, too. I'm hoping to be more patient and not be induced less than a week overdue, but I am worried about getting to the hospital for the 4 hours to get both doses of antibiotics. In the past I have been induced at 2-3 days over. My last two inductions have gone fairly quickly once my contractions started (less than 6 hours) but I'm not sure how my body will act on it's own. In three labors I've only felt 3 or 4 painful contractions and that was with my first delivery. I was on pitocin (like all 3 labors) and my dr broke my water and my pain level went from 0-10 in about 3 minutes, so I've always asked for an epidural as close to having my water broken as possible.
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