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Re: Difficult transaction - can I return to sender?

Originally Posted by Rdesonia View Post
First you are assuming that it took 2 weeks to ship. I'm going to play devils advocate. What if she did ship on the 3rd or 4th and they just haven't got to you yet?
She is a new seller so she probably shipped through the post office rather than through paypal. (I'm assuming that is the case if the DC # receipt is in her car) I think she needs to go to out to her car and provide that number to you. However, it is not required that a seller add the dc # to paypal. It's a nice thing so customers can easily track their stuff but as a new seller she might not know how to update that information manually.

If the diapers have indeed been shipped, I'm not sure why you would open a case with paypal? If the items don't arrive or are not as described then you have a paypal case. Lack of communication/poor communication is not grounds for paypal to force the seller to refund you.
But DC is required on DS. If a mama buyer asks for DC the seller needs to give her the number.

OP - I think you have gotten some good advice. I'd leave neutral feedback with an explanation of the poor communication, and length of time.
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