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So Monday, I'll be 41+4. I've totally had no pressure from dr and I've been getting good NSTs since EDD. I was induced last time (diff dr) and it was a misery. I had a bishops score of 3 and was not "ready" to be induced at 40+6. I was told baby not happy and time to induce. I. did everything, except castor oil, to avoid but no luck. I ended up with bad ppd and PTSD.

Last week when the dr wanted to schedule an induction for 7am on mon, I started to cry. He canceled it and scheduled me for an 8 am office visit where I'm sure we'll discuss induction. I've come to terms with what will happen but still very anxious because last induction was such a misery.

I'm definitely more ready than last time. I've actually had contractions and tons and tons of BH. I am 2cm and 50% eff which is better than 1st preg.

I know the risks and benefits and know this dr won't rec an induction until its really needed. When I talked to him about last time, his comment was, how stressed was the baby if it tolerated a 4 day induction?

He seems to think it will go pretty fast once we start.

My major issue is to break the water and be on the clock or to start pit. In my mind, pit is the devil. It was truly one of the worst experiences of my life. But then to be c/s because labor didn't start seems risky, too.

So those of you who've had "good" induction stories, please share!

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