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Re: What do you ladies wear in the tub while birthing?

For my 1st I wore a black stretchy tank top (by hanes or something, it was a good material for drying quickly) in the tub. But then I got out and that went away and then I got back in the tub and was naked the second time. I don't really remember the progression of clothes, but I went through whatever I was wearing, my black tank top set that I'd planned on birthing in and labored a bunch in my husband's shirt we'd brought for him to change into. I saved my clothes for driving home afterward and my husband just had to stay in the same outfit he'd been wearing for two days (I had my first at a birthing center and it was a long one). My second one, I never actually made it in the tub, it was super fast, but I did shower and I just did that naked and delivered naked. So delivered both babies naked. I'm really hoping to get my first actual water birth this time around and I suspect I'll be naked again. Though this time my midwife is a guy...not sure how that'll change things in terms of comfort. I suspect I won't care at all in the actual moment.
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