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Re: Parents of early reader, a ?

I'd start working on letter sounds with him. They take awhile to learn.

Your son sounds similar to mine. He is also very interested in the alphabet. He is only 2 1/2, and I'm not pushing the actual "reading" idea... but since he's shown such an interest in letters I do like to support it. He's already mastered his alphabet (upper and lowercase) so we now work on letter sounds ("What letter makes an 'nnnnn' sound?"). This skill takes much longer to master, because then you can later turn it around and ask, "What sound does the letter B make?" Knowing the letter sounds is really important for being able to read and sound things out, rather than just memorizing some sight words.

Other than that, I wouldn't worry too much. I agree with the others about just continue what you're doing, keep it fun, and keep reading to him.
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