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Re: If you had short labor w/1st, was 2nd also short or shorter?

DS1 6.5 hours from first contraction to birth, 1 hour of pushing, was at the hospital for 3 hours before he was born

DS2 5.5 hours from first contraction to birth, 3 pushes, was at the hospital about 2 hours

Both of those times I arrived in transition

With DD I assumed things would also go quickly, she was born 17.5 hours after my first regular contraction (5 minutes apart or less), but I had been in early labor for about 12 hours before that.
5 pushes, we were at the hospital for about 10 hours before she was born because I had already labored so long and regular at home, even though it wasn't as intense we went in anyway. I had an anterior placenta so I thought maybe I just couldn't feel everything the same way as the first two and was scared we wouldn't make it.

It really was an easy labor until the very end (posterior and super intense back labor for about an hour before she was born), just took forever because she was in a bad position.
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