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Re: With your VBAC labor, when did you call your MW/OB?

My labor came on hard and fast too. (And I didn't have anything to compare it to because I was induced for no reason with my first). I went into labor after walking 3/4 of a mile to a children's play place. I thought we would stay, play a little, walk home, and then see how far apart my contractions were. As fate would have it, my DH, doula, and MIL were all there with me. In the ten minutes it took me to register that I was having contractions and dowload a contraction timer app (download yours now!), I discovered they were 1-3 minutes apart and I was no longer able to talk through them. MIL drove me home, then DH drove me to the hospital. When we arrived (about 90 minutes after my first contraction) I was at 8 cm. So there went my plan for waiting to call and go in . . .

I guess it's just one of those things where if you have to ask if you're in labor or if your contractions are "hard enough," then you're/they're not. You know when it's the real deal!
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