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Re: Dark brown spotting and tinged discharge

Originally Posted by s@hmommy View Post
I wouldn't worry right now, brown is not normally a color to be concerned about. The egg white discharge I personally wouldn't worry about either, I have always had it with all of my pregnancies, including this one.
Yea, that.

Brown = old blood. And I have had 4 pregnancies, all with egg white type discharge throughout them all.

And, not to be an insensitive jerk, but there isn't anything anyone can do to stop a m/c right now anyway. So., if (God forbid) something bad is happening, there isn't much that can be done anyhow.

Try to relax, enjoy your pregnancy. Don't get alarmed unless you see bright red blood, start having lots of menstrual type cramping, or running a fever. Likely, everything is ok.
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