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Originally Posted by crunchyNurseMommy View Post
Need to check this out on the computer!

Here is a fold I tried. Don't know if it will work but will try after they are fully prepped. Want to give them a fair chance!

Folded into a triangle

Long ends folded in

Tail folded in

Then folded in half to create a pocket insert

Just an idea to try out.
This fold is awesome!!! I folded the top and bottom closer together to fit in the medium rise of our dipes. I haven't tried the other folds posted here yet, but this is the only other insert-fold I've tried other than the padfold. I am so glad I found this thread. Like "Trenna" said, I am tired of the 2x4 butt. The hems were always bunched up at the end and I came on her looking for another fold to stuff my flats in pockets.

I highly prefer flats over pfs, mainly for the dry time and that they are basically OS. I also love how trim they are. When I had pfs I never trifolded them because they were too bulky. I love snappi-ing flats under wool too.
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