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Re: Dark brown spotting and tinged discharge

Originally Posted by ambieone View Post
not to get you concerned but my first mc started with brown spotting/discharge. If it doesn't turn red then I wouldn't worry. I hope its nothing and everything goes well!
Same here.

Originally Posted by RunawayBunny View Post
I wouldnt worry yet. I would not take a test. When your hcg gets high enough it can actually make your test line come out lighter than it would be at your levels a week ago. Try to relax and enjoy the non-sickness! I was very sick with my miscarried baby, but didnt have a single instance with this pregnancy until I was 14 weeks!
Agreed. I got very dark pregnancy tests until a week and 1/2 after I started having my m/c. So I wouldn't test either because it's not going to tell you anything.

Every pregnancy is different. There is really no way to tell if this is a bad sign unless things progress to bright red blood and cramping even then it could still not be a m/c. Time again will tell if it's just old blood which I agree with the other ladies is very normal to see or experience during pregnancy. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. HH9M.
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