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Re: So tired of the screaming/crying!

Today, they didn't even have a drop of anything unhealthy. Not a single bite. Oatmeal, strawberries, pomegranate, homemade chicken nuggets, carrots, peanut butter wheat toast, string cheese, yogurt, egg/cheese/tortilla breakfast taco, and blueberries. To drink, they had milk, V8, and water. There wasn't a significant difference in their behavior. Of course, these types of food are pretty much normal for a weekend day, when they are here at home all day. The poptarts, yoohoos, etc. are for treats. They don't sit and munch on 12 poptarts for breakfast every day. While I think kids need to eat healthy, I also think foods like that are fine in moderation. We bought a 10 pack of yoohoos a week ago, and there are still 6 in there. The poptarts have 6 out of 8 left. They just don't get things like that often.
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