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Ive been induced with all 3 kiddos. With dd1 I was 4cen the day I was induced. It took less then 4hrs. Easy peasy. With dd2 I was 5cen and she was born less then 7hrs after pit was started. Labor was easy-delivery was not *but* that was due to her size *not* the induction. With ds I was only 2cen and his labor took 9.5hrs. Things didnt really get moving until about 2.5hrs after my doc broke my water 6hrs in when I went from a 4 to pushing in only an hr. My only complaint was that my doc left to pick her kids up from school and take them home and while she was gone(longer then she said she'd be) I really wanted the epi. Since she wasnt there though I had to wait for it but once I got it all was well again lol
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