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Re: Stash to hand down through several kids

Honestly, PFs, flats, and wool covers are the most durable and will last the longest. However, I purchased 15 BGOS 3.0s just before my ODD turned 1yo, which is when I discovered she was allergic to sposies. I only just pulled those 15 covers out of my stash and put them aside. The PUL is still great but the elastic is very loose and the velcro just isn't very sticky at all. I actually used a diaper belt to keep them closed during use this past year. My girls PL around 3yo. ODD used them for a solid 2 years in a small rotation. YDD used them for 3 years (in a larger rotation). DS has used them for about 9 months but not as frequently. I still use the inserts in our new custom velcro ALVA's pockets. I would love to rebuild my BGOS stash but we just don't have the funds for that. I can get almost triple the number of ALVA's compared to BGOS. So I go with them. They work well...don't know about durability yet (and probably won't since I think DS is our last...but who knows...LOL) Anyway, all that to say that BGOS CAN make it through multiple babies, they're just not pretty. Mine made it through 2.5 children with just a little help from our diaper belt. And honestly, if I would take the time and effort to convert them to snaps and replace the elastic, they would be completely usable again!
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