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Re: What do you do when your kid lies?

The first time DD lied..she was almost 4 I believe..we had a discussion about what the truth was and what a lie was. She understood so now if she tells a lie, or something I believe is a lie, I ask her if that was a lie or the truth. If she says a lie then I tell her that we don't lie blah blah blah. I don't really punish for it quite yet since she rarely does it and it is something new she has to wrap her head around. I don't think she has really done it since the first time. At 5 I would probably punish since she should definietly know better. I'd probably do a time out as those rock DDs world lol or add a chore on or something like that. If it is a habitual thing then I'd up the consequence to something she REALLY didn't wanna do. I like some of the ideas onthis website. For example, when DD is whining I just say "outside" and she stops She stood outside on our fenced in porch for about 30 seconds one day (a warm January day..she got off too easy lol) and that was all it took. Good luck!
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