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Re: Difficult transaction - can I return to sender?

Just an update on the situation - I spoke with Carolyn (mod) yesterday in detail, including the seller's name. She said that it is correct for me to open a PayPal dispute and also good that I contacted a mod. She will reach out to the seller, and said that if I don't receive the diapers by the middle of next week, I should escalate the status to a full PayPal claim.

I am willing to be patient and wait for packages since I know that we're all busy mamas, but the lack of her updates since January 2nd - when the seller informed that she would pick up the charges to have the diapers rushed to me if shipping would take longer than 2 days - (even though I reached out to her during that time period) makes me wary. If she had just provided an update stating that there was a delay but the diapers were in transit, it would have been cool. Fingers crossed that the diapers either come or she provides a DC showing that they were shipped over a week ago.

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