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Re: Weight watchers like app?

I've been on Weight Watchers for many months. I go to their Mommy and Me meetings and use the WW app on my phone. My husband is unofficially following along by using the "Track to Lose It!" app that cost 99 cents. It has functionality for lots of ways to track (points, calorie counting, etc.) that he set up to be like WW PointsPlus. He did have to look up his initial points allotment though based on info out there on the web, since WW takes age, height, sex, and weight into account. Overall it has been great for both of us. The one downside to the WW app is that I don't know what will happen to all my data and analysis if/once I take a hiatus for pregnancy, for instance. My login would probably be deactivated, and I'm not sure if all that data would be there upon my return. My husband doesn't have this problem.

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