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Originally Posted by Vivhop98
Tmi alwrt: For those who would have eaten it, I bet it is because they haven't had a serious case of food poisoning. I had salmonella and have arthritis and long lasting complications to my health, like many food allergies. There are studies that suggest 30 percent of people who had a case of salmonella have reactive arthritis and food allergies. A can of soup isn't worth the risk. A small case of food poisoning might make you sick for a day, but I was so sick I spent my entire summer on the couch and the rest of the time vomiting and horrible diarrhea. Most of the summer, I held a trash to vomit while I also had the other, so incredibly horrible. I know it was so bad, I wanted to die. I still remember it. Botulism can be in canned goods and it can really be horrible. I am only 33 and I often cry at night because my arthritic knees and shoulders are so bad. I have had health problems my whole life.
I agree with this. When I was young my mom got food poisoning that landed her in icu for 3 weeks. She almost died. Food poisoning can be serious. I never eat questionable food.
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