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I had it when I was 12, and it was miserable, missed more than a week of school, had scarring, etc. My mom was always worried, if I hadn't gotten it when I did, I could have gotten it as an adult, particularly while pregnant, which would have been dangerous.

I was so happy when my son caught it at age 2 1/2. He had enough bumps to be a full-blown case, but it only lasted about 3 days, not a huge deal (and nothing compared to my case at 12). By the time my dds were born, the vaccine had become routine so they just took the shot. Those who are opposed to the vaccine want their kids to catch chicken pox to get it overwith while they are young enough for an extreme case to be rare.

As for shingles, there is a new vaccine for that as well (for adults who have had chicken pox or the vaccine).
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