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PNP/Sleep Issue Question - Advise

My 9 month old is now waking once per night to play for 2 plus hours. I would like to sleep. He would play on his own if I had a safe place for him to do so. We cosleep and his crib is side carred to the bed. This means I cannot put him in his crib safely now that he can crawl and pull himself up on his own. I have to stay awake and pull him back on the bed and keep him from falling, etc.

I was thinking I have a pack n play that we have packed away (I have 2). I was thinking I could put this at the end of our bed with toys in it. That way when he wakes at night he could safely go in here and do his will till he gets retired again. That will allow me to put my pillow at the end of the bed and snooze while he plays. Does this sound reasonable? I have tried putting him on a boob, forcing him to lay back down, and not allowing him to climb, but nothing has worked. He simply is awake and not tired. He does not cry to be held or anything. He just wants to play for a bit.

WWYD or advice?
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