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Re: s/o Why do you want your kids to have CP

I exposed my daughter to the chicken pox when she was a toddler. (her cousin had it) The chicken Pox vaccine was just coming out, and most kids weren't getting it yet. So, I declined it.

But, if by school age she hadn't been exposed to CP, I'd have probably had her get the vaccine. Maybe not until 2nd or 3rd grade, but I wouldn't take the chance of having her get it as an adult.

I had all my daycare kids get CP every two to four years until about 12 years ago. But, the last time, one of the kids got incredibly sick with them, and ended up with serious skin infections. All the pox in her diaper area, and on her lips turned into large yellow scabs that kept getting bigger. She still has scars around her mouth that look like she was burned. So, I feel really bad for allowing her to be exposed like that. (she was the last kid to get them in my group)
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