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Re: Gentle covers for trifolding?

no red marks on my 16 month old.

I have had some trouble with my 3 month old, but not from the elastic, it was just over all redness, and for her not breathing enough with wetness, and also diapers were not clean enough, we had trouble with the hard well water. But it was not red because of the elastic. See even the legs binding are covered in the mesh. And since it is such a trim close fit, the prefold or flat cannot move, so should be less shifting, perhaps leading to less rubbing that can happen with others.

If this makes sense.
Just an observation. I am in no way a pull cover expert. As for all my years I always used wool, until we moved here and had challenges geting our fitteds clean and went to flats. But knowing my babies are very sensitve to synthetics, I think the grovia the best. I think the mesh inside helps to maybe get a wee bit of air flow into the diaper. Not major, but a bit.
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