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Re: UPDATE 1/13 - HEARTBEAT! Tell Me About Your Early Miscarriage (~7 Weeks)

This thread has been somewhat comforting to me, especially the update and the post from BESMama.

When I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks, it started with spotting when I got up to pee in the night and by morning it was full-on bleeding, like a period. That evening I passed a small amount of tissue, which looked like the remains a spherical membrane covered in blood--no baby (it was probably a blighted ovum). By the next day, the bleeding had tapered off, and 2 days later, when I went for what should have been my first prenatal appt, the doctor said I had no signs of pregnancy and I was not currently miscarrying. I was sent to u/s to confirm my uterus was empty.

Last night, at 11w pregnant, I noticed spotting when I got up to pee. Fortunately, it has faded since I got up this morning, but I have had severe diarrhea and one small dark red clot. I will not be able to see the doctor until tomorrow, so it was reassuring to read a few of these stories, as I said.
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