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Re: s/o Why do you want your kids to have CP

Originally Posted by nonipie View Post
I got CP as an adult and while not pleasant, it was not the worst thing ever as I had been led to believe. My DS got it shortly after and his case was far worse than mine. I have no desire to intentionally expose them. Now my father had Shingles it was the awful, awful and he suffered for months actually. Those are just my personal experiences. None of my children have had the vaccine because oldest had CP, youngest is too young and we have not decided what to do with DD.
See this is were I come from and why I am confused a bit, since my experience is different from many peoples. I of course have not gotten them, but I am pretty unlikely to get them while pregnant since I am closing in on 40 and most likely will not have another child and I am getting to the age were many people I know have had shingles, thank goodness mostly long distance friends . I have a friend who has been a teacher for over twenty years, she never had CP as a child, but had CP finally after years of testing immune about 10 years into her career with elementary school kids, she figured their germs just beat her immunity down. She said they weren't fun but no big deal. About 8 years later she got Shingles and said it was the most horrible thing ever!

It's funny I somehow got in this conversation one night with a whole group of about 15 adults aged 24-65, one had the vaccine, myself never had either, two had adult CP, the rest had childhood CP and about 5 or 6 had, had Shingles. It was very interesting.

I currently live in a country without scheduled CP vaccine, so honestly I worry a bit more, and this is another reason why I ask. Thanks!

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