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Re: s/o Why do you want your kids to have CP

The complication rate in children is smaller than in adults. Kids typically have miler cases of chicken pox and there complication rate is statistically less. Before we had the vaccine parents would expose children so they could get it as children when the complications are less. Getting chicken pox in pregnancy is not good for the developing fetus so that is another reason you want it in childhood.

Now that we have a vaccine chicken pox is a lot less common. My pediatrician rarely sees a case of it. If parents don't get the vaccine then the chances of being exposed to it nowadays are not that high. So when parents hear of someone with chicken pox they expose their kids because they might not get another chance and then they risk getting a more severe case or getting it during pregnancy for a female. I get the shot but if I lived somewhere where it wasn't on the schedule and it was still a common disease I probably wouldn't go out of my way for my kids to get it unless they were getting older.

The one thing that people don't think of though when exposing kids is the long incubation period and potentially exposing people who don't want to be exposed like babies or people with compromised immune systems. A have a friend who had a pox party and she wouldn't do it again because everyone just went about their business afterwards not worrying about the incubation period and people showed up pregnant about to pop and didn't think about potentially exposing a newborn.
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