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Care to share your Hospital bag and Kiddos bag list? LONG

Yup, after much thought and prayer, DH and I are now on the road to our second Hospital birth out of 4. This wee little boy in utero has some sort of Renal pelvis/kidney issues that seem to be getting worse and enlarging, as opposed to improving. We have NO idea what the prognosis is, or what the final diagnosis will even be, since not a single OB or Dr has called me about it. My Nurse called me on her break, on her cell, from her car. I requested my records, and am missing at least 6 pages. I got modified Radiology reports stating follow up scans should be done every 2 weeks. My practice has me down for every 4-6 weeks, and even then no one calls me except my Nurse. So I am now in the process of acquiring not only a second opinion, but a new OB. Everything else looks great. He is measuring way ahead, has no other markers of anything, and is super active.

I feel like some bigger being, or element, whathaveyou, is telling me to submit to a Hospital delivery. Which for some reason I am at peace with, even though it will have to be an induction, since I am 2+ hours from the hospital and have labors that last under 4 hours. My last was born in the hospital, but it was a horrid experience, and my DH was in ND while I was in CA. The HUGE upside this time is, we are both here in ND. Double edged sword of sorts, bad medical care thus far, but he is running defense for me, and can speak for me when I can't and knows what I want and don't.

This is the first time I will actually have to chance to pack a bag for myself, DH and my kiddos. The hospital is family friendly, and the suites are set up for family to stay and each has a whirlpool tub, sep. sitting area for computers and TV and such. What did you HAVE to have, vs not used at all. What did you wish you had brought for you or your Family? How many changes of clothing, NB items and such. I am ordering a few Pretty Pusher gowns that I can toss or wash after, not a big deal either way. I am tall and very thin, and I was swimming in the dingy hospital gowns last time. Plus, hey, ANY chance to shop, right? I am thinking about buying some eco friendly sposies along with taking my CD's. Please, share any and all advice. I am trying not to focus on what might be negatives right now, not until I can get a more concrete diagnosis, or ANY at this point.
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