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Re: Poop Question/Advice

Originally Posted by l_Kimmie_l View Post
I will try the juice. I was confusing apples with the juice for sure. He had apple with bananas for lunch.
Yea, we went through a phase where all my YDD would eat as far as solids went were things like bananas, crackers, and bread. She wound up constipated a LOT b/c I couldn't nurse her anymore and she was just miserable.

I was very worried. She went 8 days without a bowel movement!!! I started panicking.

But some prune juice in a sippy cup did the trick and made her explode out of like 5 diapers over the course of a day or two. It was gross and awful to clean, but she really needed it. She was like a different kid.

From then on, I included a bit of juice with her meals b/c she would NOT eat fruit and w/o the juice she was absolutely completely stopped up. If I forgot the juice for a day (b/c my other two kids only got water to drink for their first 3 yrs of life - I am typically ANTI-juice for little babies), she would get very, very, very constipated, and bleed and tear when she had a BM.

Ugh. Motherhood is hard sometimes!

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