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Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange
yes... but they honestly don't hold much.

I know they say 'training pants', but believe it, it's just a few layers of cotton that a child will pee right through. Unless it's seriously just the initial dribble. Not at all similar to a diaper and not what I'd call 'absorbant'. but I do like them because you can see instantly when they start as opposed to flimsy little panties.
This is exactly what we use. They hold just enough for a "oops!!" dribble.

In addition to using those with our newly pt'd dd (20mos) we use the plastic pull on covers for if we'll be somewhere like someone else's house or church. Somewhere that an "oops" on the carpet would be NOT acceptable. I try not to rely on them though, bc I don't want her getting use to them like a diaper. We also bought a piddle cover for the car seat. One that comes from the manufacturer and is approved for safety (aka - wont mess with the straps).

My personal thought on the potty training is that the sooner you can go completely diaper free, the better. Once we chucked the diapers for good, dd caught on within the week. It was more ME getting trained that her. Lol.
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