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Re: 'The talk' for uninterested older kids?

I would suggest getting him a book, talking about the major points with him, and then letting him explore the book on his own.

Another idea that is very helpful is to give him a journal to write questions in. If he has a question and is embarrassed to ask you, he can write it in the journal. He can either give the journal to you, or you can tell him that you will check it once a week, or whatever works for you. If he writes in a question, you can write back an answer and leave it somewhere for him. It works great if you have a curious child who will never be comfortable asking you a question directly. This way he gets his question answered, and he need never actually talk to you about it. Even husbands who may be reluctant to participate in "the talk" may be willing to participate in the journal. If your son is more comfortable asking the questions of dad, he can do that instead. Some kids will be too embarrassed for even this, but it is an option.

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