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Re: s/o Why do you want your kids to have CP

I want my kids to get it b/c I think it makes their natural immunity stronger than what it would be if they were vaxed for it.

I also think the vax is completely re-donk-u-lous, created for the convenience of working parents, so no one has to take 2 weeks off work while their kid gets over it. Which, IMO is really a bad reason to vax against a typically non-lethal disease. I'm quite frustrated that the vax even exists, and even more upset that it's part of the vax schedule. Ugh.

If your kid is not immuno-suppressed somehow, they likely won't have any lethal reactions to CP.

I also personally think illness is part of life. We get sick so we can have a stronger immune system. I don't want to, nor would I, vax against every possible disease that my kids could contract. Being sick isn't fun for anyone, and of course I don't want to see my kids suffer, but IMO at some point the overall health of their immune system trumps their comfort. If they can be sick and miserable for 2 wks but then healthier than they were before, and likely never contract that same illness again, than to me the momentary discomfort is worth it.

If they made a vax for the Rhinovirus, stating how many people die from this terrible disease each year (and yes, some elderly or immunocompromised people DO die from a common cold), would we all be jumping to give this vax to our kids?

At some point it just gets ridiculous. For me, that's where I am at with the CP vax. It's almost laughable.

I had CP twice as a child. My brother had it once. Every other relative of mine has had CP. No one has had any serious, long-term effects. I've honestly never heard of anyone IRL having any serious effects from CP. I don't count scars as a serious effect.
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