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Originally Posted by mrseum View Post

Could she be sensitive to something in your diet? Does she arch at all? Ds2 pulled & fussed & pulled & fussed... When he'd finally get the letdown he was either happy or clearly upset & wild stop... It's a double edged sword because the milk soothes tummies & they want that- but sometimes it can hurt too!
He slept ok in the beginning but steadily got worse. Hope that's not the case for you!
Eta: 6 pills a day worked for me...
She seems to pull and fuss a few minutes after I let down and /or if I take a while to let down. She really behaves like she's impatient for my milk. Also, in the middle of the night and earlier in the day when my breasts are obviously much fuller, she doesn't fuss much, if at all.

And she hardly ever spits up (maybe once or twice a week)

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