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Re: Baby only on one side?

Originally Posted by joeslittlewoman View Post
One thing I've noticed that seems weird is my kids are never under my ribs. I often feel them on top of my ribs when sitting or lying. I have never had a kid hurt my ribs, but I'm so short I can see and feel movement an inch below my breasts.
That must be so weird to see movement just below the breasts!! I have had 1 baby that LOVED hanging out under the ribs! OUCH! But this one LOVES hanging out over my left hip... I feel movement in front of my hip and at my side near the back.

I wondered about the placenta placement too having something to do with position. At my 22 week scan, the placenta was at the top... can is move down to the right side at this point?

I might mention it to my OB at my next appt. Not that I think anything is wrong, but with being a VBA3C, I want to be up front about ANY significant differences in the pregnancy.

Thanks for all of your inputs! I feel more normal now!!
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