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Re: DD has bad foot odor..why??

So, my SIL is the same way. Terrible foot odor. Her older brothers (my husband included) used to terrorize her with her smelly shoes. Now, as an adult, she does not take her shoes off in front of people. She has certain shoes she only wears for work (and leaves them outside at home) and wears flip flops as much as possible otherwise.

My DD seems to have pretty smelly feet too. I'm not sure that it is as bad as my SILs, but her feet are very smelly. When she was a baby or early toddler wearing the PJs with feet the feet smelled bad out of the wash. The smell just wouldn't come out of them. Now she doesn't wear those and we have to be sure her shes stay somewhere they can really air out. She only wears certain shoes for certain things. One pair for daycare, one for outside and one for around the house (out and about/special shoes). We have no cure, but it seems to run in the family.

Interestingly, I don't have any foot odor issues personally, but when I was pregnant my feet sweated nonstop. So bad that I'd take an extra pair of socks to work and switch halfway through the day. I took SILs model and left my shoes outside. After the babies were born it stopped, but I had to get rid of most of my shoes.
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