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Originally Posted by breebee

I have a friend is planning on starting a support group for moms having to eliminate things from their diet. We are both dairy soy and egg free at the moment and she helped me get started as well as helped with meal suggestions.

Although my LOs symptoms were not as intense I recently eliminated dairy soy and eggs and it seems to be helping significantly. I suspect it is dairy but read something like 50% of babies with dairy sensitivity/allergy also have issue with soy so I cut both out to try to help my dd faster.
A support group would be great. I tried starting a dairy free/ soy free recipe thread, but it didn't go very far. I think I might have to go egg free too. Something is still giving LO rashes. That or tuna fish. I ate eggs for breakfast the other day and tuna for lunch so I'm not sure what the culprit is. The Ped told me though that the egg issue could be caused from the chickens being fed soy. Ugh milk & soy are ruining my life. Not really though because this diet has helped my own IBS issue tremendously.
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