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Originally Posted by Christylkeller View Post
I wondered about the placenta placement too having something to do with position. At my 22 week scan, the placenta was at the top... can is move down to the right side at this point?
From what my old and current OBs said, the placenta does not move, but only part of it is attached firmly. So as your uterus expands it may get drawn to a new area giving it the perception of movement. Like, if you put on a sticky note towards the top of a half filled balloon it may look like its by the top, but if the sticky part is in the middle when the balloon is filled the sticky note will be in the middle. So its not going to move to cover more or new area, just less of what it was covering as things expanded. If that makes any sense...

I am still hoping my placenta just looks like its covering my cervix... And to the original question, DS always seemed to be on my right side and under my rib. So painful!
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